About us

Our company

WA Drive Components are devoted to the automotive and industrial industries and been a trail blazer in this field for many years. WA Drive Components encourage and teach bearing sales people to recognize and understand the real needs of customers in both of these fields. 

What we say

Directors John and Vincent say "we have as a team, continued to improve the usability of the product and the final result was the evolution of" Driveco kits excel when compared to other products containing the little hard to get parts like lock tabs new lock nuts all the things that hold the job up if you haven't got them.

Vincent says "Customer service, usability and quality of the product is always! our Major Concern." John goes on to say "Speedy delivery is the key to our success as without this all the rest of our hard work is just wasted."


WADC is located 5 mins from the International Airport and within easy reach of all the major Local, National and International Couriers.